January 29 - February 8, 2005 - Gila Bend, AZ

January 29th we said our goodbyes in Quartzsite and headed to Augies Quail Trail RV Park in Gila Bend, AZ.   The trip was 131 miles.  We had rain hit us on the way, but it was over by the time we arrived.  We camped for one night but they knew we were coming back in a few days so they gave us the same site for both stays.

Our site was huge, we were going to like staying there.

On the next day we drove two miles to the Gila Bend Elks lodge.

We were dry camping and here so Bill could join the Elks through the Boomers BOF of Escapees.   The event is called an Elk-A-Rang and we all will help with community projects.

Next to us is Dexter and Cherie since Dexter was also joining the Elks.

There were many at the Elk-A-Rang we knew, some were already Elk members and some were joining.  The Elks lodge in Gila Bend has a huge parking lot with dry camping for Elks members.  Bill helped clean up senior citizens yards so the weeds would not be a fire hazard.  Diane helped with sing-a-longs and such at the local senior center.  We had a potluck, a couple dinners,Bill learned about the Elks, and became a member.

February 2nd we drove the two miles back to Augies and took our campsite for one week:

It was windy, as can be seen from the slide topper above.  We were here to attend an RV internet satellite rally.

Here is our report on The 2Way Internet Satellite Rally.

We stayed around at Augies and drove down to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument on the 8th.

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