February 9-20, 2005 - Yuma, AZ

February 9th we drove 107 miles to Fortuna de Oro RV Resort in Yuma, AZ.  It was our first time in Yuma, a major snowbird destination.  This was our campsite:

We were originally going to stay on a friend's lot in the Foothills, but due to the rains construction on the lot was delayed and no one could stay there. 

We drove around and saw the area, here is historic downtown:

One day we drove into California and walked into Las Algodones in Mexico.  This town is for U.S. and Canadian customers to get prescription drugs, dental work, optical work and maybe buy some food and other items.

It is bigger than Palomas, south of Deming, NM, but didn't do much for us.  We liked the food in Palomas better.

Yuma has people from all over staying the winter:

On the 17th we were able to move 16 miles to Yuma Lakes RV Resort using our Coast to Coast membership, $8/day was better than $26.73. 

This is an older Dutch Star that was full body painted and updated to look new, we really thought it looked good.

Finally we saw another motorhome with green sun screens:

The day we moved from Fortuna de Oro was the day we learned our friends Dick and Ann Phillips were staying there.  We ended up getting together with them a couple times. 

We also visited people we knew who have flea market style booths at the Arizona Marketplace. 

While out with Dick and Ann one day we ran into Bill and Donzella who we also did not know were in town.

Here is the Fry's parking lot in the Foothills, this area is where most of the business is in the Foothills including the stand with really good fish and shrimp tacos.

Yuma is warm.  Yuma has most services.  Yuma is where many people we know spend at least part of the winter.  The last, the people, is why we will return to Yuma since it was not our style. 

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