January 19-28, 2005 - Quartzsite, AZ

We drove 129 miles from Indio to where the Boomers BOF of Escapees were camped in Quartzsite, AZ.  We found a reasonably level location to setup:

We tilted our solar panels to maximize solar charging:

A couple days later Cherie and Dexter parked next to us.

Quartzsite in winter, especially January, is famous in the RV world for all the RVs that come to stay.  The area is surrounded by BLM land where you can camp for up to 14 days free or $30 for two weeks with access to a dump and water or $140 for eight months with access to a dump and water.  In town are flea markets, restaurants, RV and rock shows.  We decided to experience this for ourselves by spending time with both the Boomers BOF of Escapees in a 14 day free area and with Life on Wheels Alumni where we needed to pay.

We spent five nights hanging out with the Boomers.

We did get into town and saw the vendors:

Nothing is thrown away in Quartzsite:

After five nights with the Boomers we went into town, dumped our septic tanks and filled our water tank and moved to the Long Term Visitors Area with the Life on Wheels people.  We traveled a total of 11 miles.  Here is our campsite:

Our time camping with Life On Wheels Alumni.

From the Life on Wheels area we could walk into town and there were wildflowers:

This Yorkshire was so mellow and cute:

Now we had experienced Quartzsite and it wasn't bad.  We were unhappy about our 12 volt electric situation, a portion of which was having one bad battery.  We replaced the batteries in November 2005 and it did help.  In Quartzsite you want to run your generator as little as possible to charge the batteries but we did need to run it each day, our solar panels could not keep up the voltage. 

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