March 10, 2005 - Anza-Borrego State Park part 2

It started getting late so here are some pictures of how some of the nicest areas looked from the road.


We decided to go out the west entrance, which gave us a nice view of the valley to the east:

Then we came upon a bunch of people looking west up the side of the hill.  The "Borrego" part of the area is named for the desert bighorn sheep.  We saw Borrego the day before at the Wild Animal Park, but today we got to see them in the wild.  The light was low, but here are the best pictures we took.  All of these are crops since they were a ways away and have all been brightened. 

Bill turned around to catch the valley once more.

One last shot of the Borrego:

Seeing the Borrego in the wild helped our mood.

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