June 17, 2006 - Top of the World Highway Part 2

The border stop was easy and the border guard thought we were smart to drive our car on the highway.  Here is the "Welcome to Alaska" sign with one of the "Dust to Dawson" riders that we has seen on Dome Road the day before.

We are above the tree line, but not for long since the highway heads down the hill.  The US highway is dirt and narrow, not as nice a road as the Canadian highway.

A U.S. sign on the caribou herd:

Once we were at the bottom of the hill we drove in the woods and eventually came to this old dredge:

Three miles from Chicken, Alaska traffic stopped for an RV accident:

This motorhome had swerved (we learned later) to avoid an oncoming trailer that was taking its side in the middle.  The shoulder was soft and they were lucky the motorhome did not go over.  The heavy equipment was nearby and they were stabilizing the motorhome so they could unhook the pickup since it was keeping the motorhome partly upright:

There was a bulldozer in front pulling the motorhome forward:

Finally back on the road, this is about an hour after we stopped:

The passenger side and front of the motorhome had a lot of fiberglass damage, but it was still drivable.

Here is Chicken, AK, where we were glad to pay $3.499/gallon of gas since it was way over $4US in Dawson.

The border crossing back into Canada was slower because they had a problem with the vehicle in front of us, but it went quick.  It was very scenic coming back, but it was late so we pushed on.  Here we are at the west side of the ferry crossing looking at downtown Dawson City:

About nine hours after heading out, we were back. 

We were glad to take the Top of the World by CRV, it handles dirt and gravel roads quite well with its real time 4WD.  It would have been much slower and more nerve-wracking with the motorhome, especially the narrow road in Alaska.  Seeing the accident also made us realize that taking the route with the car was a good move.  Even though we didn't take pictures the highway was more scenic eastbound than westbound, which we were told by friends.

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