June 5 to 7, 2006 - Prince George and Dawson Creek, BC

We drove out of the campground in Jasper National Park and headed west on the Yellowhead Highway, CA16.  It rained off and on the whole way.  This day we saw our first black bear, about 100 miles east of Jasper, AB.  It ran up the hill by the side of the highway.  About the time we were looking for a place to stop to eat lunch we saw a bunch of RVs parked in the lot of a closed restaurant and four of the RVs were the Nutty Buddy's from Florida:

They were also stopping for lunch and told us the campground they were staying at in Prince George, BC, South Park, had room for us.  So now we knew what campground to go to. 

We ended up getting a bit lost finding the campground, but so did one of the Nutty Buddy's and we hooked up with them and came in.  Just as we got parked a thunderstorm hit and it hailed small hail for a while.  After that we got setup.  We had driven 242 miles and here is our campsite:

The four Nutty Buddy's were next to us:

They were all tired, they had driven hard from Jacksonville, FL, so we all went our own ways.  We stocked up at Costco and the Real Canadian Superstore.  We also ate at White Spot since we realized we were hungry on the way out to go shopping. 

The morning of June 6th we talked to some of the Nutty Buddy's and found out their caravan schedule.  They figured White Spot sounded good, one of them loved fish-n-chips and the ones at White Spot are quite good.  The campground had a 2.5c/liter discount at the local Shell so we fueled up the motorhome and headed to Dawson Creek, BC.  We got bug splattered on the way, here is what it looked like through the windshield (the cord is the GPS for the computer):

We saw four black bears, but at 90-100km/hour we couldn't get pictures. 

We settled into Northern Lights RV Park in Dawson Creek, BC for two nights after driving 257 miles.  Here is our campsite:

While in Dawson Creek we readied the motorhome for the journey north and picked up more information for the journey.  While cleaning the bugs off the motorhome windshield our wash brush broke, so we bought a new one.  The long drive ran the battery down on the car, so we bought a battery charger.  The battery is not old, but had some abuse when we forgot to unplug things in the car while towing, so we think it is now weak. 

We also made sure to get our pictures at Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway and went up the highway 20 miles and viewed the only bridge left from the original highway, here is a web page on those adventures.

To protect the motorhome and car we tried a product called Transitshield, kind of thick plastic wrap.  Here is how it looks:

We are not sure it will work so well, but are willing to try.

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