Flamingo Area of Everglades, January 7, 2006

The winter rangers were now at Everglades and they had a table setup at the parking lot with pictures of the damage.  The ground was brown since they removed the mud only recently and many of the trees were gone.  To see the area past the barricades you had to go with a ranger, which we did

Here is a barricade and the marina:

Here are two of the houseboats, one on land, the visitors center looks fine from a distance:

With the ranger we went out to Florida Bay, which looked dirtier than we remembered from 2003.  But here is an osprey with a fish:

In this picture are two herons, a great blue one and a green one. 

Here are close-ups showing both:

Some of the interesting sights at Flamingo were still there, including this Strangler Fig around a palm:

Just up the way from Flamingo we stopped at Nine Mile Pond and it was still fairly brown:

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