Florida City - Jan 6 and 7, mostly Everglades   

On January 6th we drove up into Miami and ran into our friend Lawrence at the RV supply store on US1.  We had not yet coordinated getting together, so it was a surprise to us all to meet.  We then went up to the TigerDirect.com outlet store and bought a 250MB USB2 drive for backing up the computers.  We already have a 120GB one, but it was running out of space backing up both notebooks and holding picture archives (which are also on CD or DVD).

On January 7th we decided to see how things looked at Everglades National Park, which we had explored in December 2003.  Our National Parks pass had expired so we bought a new one, but that didn't take long. 

The first stop was the main visitors center where a charcoal artist was having a showing.  Her work was quite good, but we don't have a place for it.  Her name is Ailyn Hoey and she was an artist in residence recently with a website: http://ailynhoey.com.

The visitors center had the most up to date information on what was open and closed due to both Hurricane's Katrina and Wilma.  The road to Flamingo was open, but the only thing open at Flamingo was the boat ramp.  The lodge, restaurants, campground and Flamingo Visitors center were closed.  Still, we decided to drive the 38 miles to see what it looked like.  There was lots of tree damage visible on the road to Flamingo, but it was much worse at Flamingo. 

Flamingo: pictures of Flamingo and Nine Mile Pond

We drove back and stopped at the Royal Palms Visitors Center and found the Anhinga Trail was still in good shape, a great place to see wildlife, mostly birds.  Here are some picture galleries of the wildlife.

Anhinga Part 1: non-egret/heron/ibis

Anhinga Part 2: Egret/Heron/Ibis

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