January 9, 2006 - Miami Metro Zoo

When we visited the area in December 2003 we did not know the Miami Metro Zoo was a really good one, but learned afterwards.  This trip we decided to see it and were very glad.  The Zoo website is http://www.miamimetrozoo.com .  This was one of the pioneers in cage free enclosures and they had to learn how to withstand hurricanes.  We were also very lucky on choosing the Monday after the holidays, the zoo was very busy the week before, plus it was mid-70s weather.

Since it was fairly quiet we had some good talks with keepers and volunteers and learned a few things.  The aviary survived fine, but they lost a lot of leaves so the canopy was thinner.  Most animals adapt well to hot and humid over cool and dry, with exceptions like Koala Bears.  The Zoo is getting ready to expand by 27 acres to a new Tropical America exhibit, probably a couple years off.

Anyway we took lots of pictures so in order to help those with slow connections we have multiple web pages. 

Tigers: Two orange and one white Bengal tigers

Horned and Antlered Mammals: We might have some names wrong

Primates: Apes, Lemurs, Monkeys

Other Mammals: All other mammals

Cranes: Various Cranes

Storks and Vultures: They are related

Other Birds: All other birds

Cold Blooded Creatures: Reptiles and Amphibians

Freeloaders: Native Florida Creatures living at the Zoo

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