January 10 to 12, 2006

On January 10 Lawrence picked us up and we drove down to Key Largo to get his car worked on.  Dave Barry picked us up and we spent the day with the Barry's.  It had been a three years since Lawrence and the Barry's had seen each other, so they did some catching up (Lawrence has the hat on), you can see the RVs in the background:

We took some pictures of a Little Blue Heron and White Ibis from the dock

We ended up going to lunch at Lazy Days again, it was still quite good.  Then we picked Lawrence's car since it was finished.  The rest of the day was spent visiting and we ended up trying a new place for dinner, The Fish House in Key Largo.  It is a Zagat's Excellence winner for 2005 and we could tell why it won.  A little more money than we normally spend,  $15-25 per dinner, but was excellent.  After dinner Lawrence drove us home.

The next day, January 11, we went to Shark Valley on the north side of Everglades National Park, a place we had not visited two years earlier because it was too busy.  It was not  too busy this day.

Shark Valley: lots of pictures on this web page

On January 12 we visited Lawrence at his motorhome, about our last chance to see it and to meet his cat Meesha (sp?), the same name as Bill's mothers cat.  Meesha is "Michael" in Russian.  Here is the motorhome camped in the same campground as we were in December 2003, we didn't get a picture of Meesha.

We went to Rosita's for lunch and Lawrence was very happy to find out how good it was since he is staying through February and loves Mexican.  Then we toured the area up to South Miami that we knew, buying some fruit and jams at the local fruit stands.  Bill was happy to find Passion Fruit Jelly and Butter, he hadn't had it since we found some in early 2003 in California. 

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