Shark Valley at Everglades National Park

Two years earlier we had not visited Shark Valley because when we went to the entrance off US41 there were cars parked along the highway since it was very busy.  We picked a better day to visit this time and were able to park in the parking lot.  The entrance road is about 1/2 mile and has a canal on the side full of alligators, some even have their tales on the road:

We took the tram on the road, many take their bikes.  The tram has narration.  Both close to the visitors center and on the tram trip, which stops at a fire tower, we saw lots of wildlife.  Here are many gator pictures:

One trail off the one to the fire tower was blocked by a gator:

From the fire tower you could look down and see the largest gator visible in the area, the guide called him "Big Boy", notice how large he is compared to the Great Blue Heron:

Here are some gators helping a Great Egret fish:

We also saw some young gators (2 to 4 years old):

Even some baby gators:

Other wildlife was Anhinga:

A Florida Soft Shell Turtle:

Many Great Blue Herons:

Great Egrets:

Green Herons:

Little Blue Heron:

Some kind of small bird:

A Tri-color Heron:

Wood stork and some cormorants:

We were glad we finally made it to Shark Valley.

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