Anhinga Trail again - January 13, 2006

We decided to spend our last day in the Florida City area by revisiting the Anhinga Trail off the Royal Palms Visitors Center in Everglades National Park.   We started with a trip on the Gumbo Limbo Trail, which had been damaged by many hurricanes.  Nice plant life, and this cut tree gives a clue about tropical and sub-tropical areas:

Notice there are no rings, or they are very faint.  Trees don't stop growing here so they do not have growth rings like further north.  The soil does not get thick either, since as leaves and debris fall all year they get broken down and used all year and don't build up like up north.

Then we took the Anhinga trail on our own and then with a ranger at 3:30PM.  Again there are too many pictures for one web page so here are three galleries.  We are going to miss seeing so much life so easily.  It was a very good Friday the 13th.

Gators, Turtles and Gar: Lots of alligators and some others

Herons and Egrets: Some more nice shots

Other birds: Anhingas, Wood Storks

We didn't get any good fish pictures this time, but we did in 2003 of the Alligator Gar.

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