November 7 to 8, 2006 - Fort Stockton, TX

November 7th we drove 244 miles west on I-10 to Parkview RV Park in Fort Stockton, TX, a Passport America campground and the same park where our friends Jenny and Dan were staying.  They were heading east and we were heading west and once we figured out we could meet in Fort Stockton we made sure it happened.  Here we are parked next to each other.  We had last seen them in September in Fall City.  Since we were so busy visiting we piggy-backed on their internet satellite dish instead of putting up our own.

The campground is a dirt parking lot, but costs $9/night for 30AMP full-hookups and $11/night for 50AMP.  It is right on US285.

September 8th we toured the town together.  We had the historic tour in hand and they had street signs to keep you on the tour route.  Here is some internet information on the tour: .

Here is the famous roadrunner statue Paisano Pete, which was the largest in the world until someone made one slightly larger in Las Cruces, NM.  Fort Stockton's roadrunner statue is very well cared for.

They had flowers and flowering trees by the statue:

This is desert willow:

Here we are in front of the Annie Riggs Museum which is housed in the Riggs Hotel.  Annie Riggs owned the Riggs Hotel.

Some other stops on the tour.

The Fort Stockton Cemetery.

Inside the Annie Riggs Museum, which was well worth the $3/each.

What is this item?

Here is the explanation of the above item.

They even had a resident cat hanging out in the courtyard.

Original Catholic church relics.

Fort Stockton is a proud town and has been at the crossroads for a long time.  It has a lot of history and interesting history at that.  We were all glad we took the time to visit it.  We also had a nice lunch at K-Bob's in town.

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