October 28 to November 6, 2006 - Friends and Business in Texas

October 28th we made the familiar 133 mile journey from Carthage to Livingston, TX  and Rainbow's End just like last February.  They put all of the Escapees Advisory Council members together, here we are next to our friends Jan and Ken, Ken is also on the Advisory Council.

We had meetings, potlucks, dinners out, and were very busy in Livingston.  Here are pictures from a potluck and BBQ.

Social hour in the Activity Center:

A potluck in Escapees headquarters:

Lots of friends and a busy wonderful time.

We met up with other friends while in town and finally met Jim and Chris of http://www.jimandchris.com and http://www.geeksontour.com fame.

On November 4th we headed out through Houston.  We stopped at Costco in Houston and filled up our fridge on the way.  We made it 213 miles to a Passport America campground in Luling, TX, Riverbend RV Park just before dark:

November 5th was a short 115 mile trip to Buckhorn Lake Resort in Kerrville, TX, where we stayed in February 2004.  This time we were visiting friend John for a couple nights.  Here is our campsite.

John was just down the way with his big dish on the roof.  We had last seen him in September.

We had a couple nice meals out with John, at Mencius' Hunan one night and The Lakeshore the next.  We had a great visit.  Bill also visited a bit with David, who we know from Life on Wheels.  David was also staying at Buckhorn Lake Resort.

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