August 14, 2006 - Glaciers, Bear and Eagles in Haines

We ended up about 15 minutes behind the others heading the 10 miles to Chilkat State Park.  We caught up with them as they were leaving the observation platform.  Here is the evening view of the glaciers:

The southern one:

The northern one:

Then we drove to the waterfront after the others told us it was worthwhile and took these pictures from about 1/2 mile north of the observation platform:

We decided to see the bears fishing in Chilkoot Lake, which is 10 miles the other side of Haines. 

Here is the view north at Haines:

A ferry was in, the ferry dock is about 3 miles NE of Haines:

We found many cars jammed up watching the bears fish for salmon in the Chilkoot River, just below Chilkoot Lake.  It was hard to get good shots but here are some of the Mama bear and young one:

This guy was a bit close:

Mama bear with a salmon:

Here is Mama showing the hump and how wet she is:

A bit upstream was the bald eagle in the water:

We headed back, here are RVs and such getting ready to board the ferry:

The town of Haines:

The view south:

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