August 14 to 16, 2006 - Haines, AK

The drive down to Haines was great road and even with clouds obscuring the peaks it was scenic.  On clear days this is one of the most scenic drives around.

Dezadeash Lake is a highlight closer to Haines Junction:

At the high summit of Chilkat Pass are a couple nice viewpoints, we had lunch at this one and took pictures:

About 15 miles from Haines we saw a black bear cross the road in front of us, but the bear was gone when we drove by.

Here is our campsite at Haines Hitch-Up, next to Ned and Lorna, with Barb and Frank next to them.  We had met them all in Tok.

This is the same motorhome that was waiting for a new engine in Anchorage, they were all fixed up and enjoying being back on the road:

Ned, Lorna, Frank and Barb were off to see the glaciers at Chilkat State Park so we quickly ate dinner and followed them. Here is our sightseeing on August 14

We did more sightseeing on August 15

August 16th Lorna, Ted, Barb, and Frank headed out to Whitehorse for one night before driving to Skagway.  We were on our own.

We went downtown and found the Holland America Cruise Line ship, Veendam, was in town:

The best located RV Park in Haines, the sites are small but the view and location are great:

Some sentiment in Haines:

This is a great bookstore name:

We toured the Sheldon Museum.  Here is one display on Haines House:

We like the text since they were much nicer than in the lower 48 and encouraged the native children to embrace their heritage.  In the lower 48 they were forbidden to speak their native language or to act like natives.

19th Century Surgery was a bit simpler:

We tried again to see eagles and here is a nest with a full grown young one and a parent.  The young one should be flying in a couple weeks:

Another eagle in a tree:

The weather forecast was for rainy weather tomorrow so we decided to move on.

We had two good lunches in town, one at the Chilkat Restaurant and Bakery and another in the Bamboo Room.

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