August 17 to 20, 2006 - From Haines, AK to Iskut, BC

We decided to drive the 250 miles to Whitehorse in one day since we saw no reason to stop in Haines Junction again.  Here we are coming back into 911 support close to Whitehorse.  

It was rainy and sometimes foggy from Haines to close to Haines Junction, so we didn't take any pictures.  We had intermittent showers from Haines Junction to Whitehorse.

We decided to go back to Pioneer RV Park since it also had good fuel prices.  Here is our camping spot.

We drove into Whitehorse and stocked up on perishable groceries and some common Canadian foods we have grown fond of.  We had a couple hard rain showers in the evening, but it was dry in the morning when we broke camp and filled the motorhome with diesel.

August 18th we didn't drive very far, 112 miles, to Dawson Peaks Resort to spend the night.  Here is our campsite:

A view from our campsite to the lake:

We had stopped here because we were told the food and the pie were quite good.  We agreed. 

On the 19th we drove on into the area where the Alaska Highway crosses back and forth into British Columbia.  Here are some views on the way

We landed at Junction 37 Services where the Cassiar Highway (Highway 37) meets the Alaska Highway.  We topped off the diesel tank to give us more range and settled into our campsite:

We drove the CRV 17 miles east to again see the Watson Lake Sign Forest Again (large pictures)

August 20th, Bill's birthday, we headed south on the Cassiar Highway.  Within a few miles we were in British Columbia to stay.  Here is a map of the highway which also turned out to be an artsy self-portrait for Bill due to the reflection:

The Cassiar was scenic, narrow, and a bit uneven.  There are three major gravel sections and we took two of them this day.

Here are some scenes along the way:

We stopped at Jade City where there are two stores, one on each side of the highway, selling jade items.  75% of the world's jade is mined in British Columbia and most of it is near here.  Here are the two stores:

We did find some gift items to buy.

After 197 miles we settled into Mountain Shadows RV Resort in Iskut, BC.  It was a pleasant place to stay.

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