August 21 to 24, 2006 - Stewart, BC/Hyder, AK

The weather on August 21st was not as nice as the 20th, but it was still scenic on the Cassiar Highway.  Here is a typical view:

A little further south and notice the highway now has lines on it, the road from kilometer post 300 south is mostly wider and has lines:

A rest area on the way:

The "Glacier Highway" is 37A to Stewart, BC/Hyder, AK, which we will be taking:

Finally we were able to catch a black bear picture.  

And another, but this one is not as good:

Scenery on the 37A, hanging glaciers:

Bear glacier, about 15 miles from the Cassiar Highway and 20 miles from Stewart:

Our campsite in Stewart, BC after a drive of 194 miles:

(April 17, 2007 - found this photo of the campground on what we thought was an empty memory card):

Since the bears come out in the morning and evening to eat salmon we drove over to Hyder, AK and up to the Fish Creek Observation area:

Salmon spawning and dead after spawning, we could see why the eagles and bears come here to eat:

Quicktime movie of salmon swimming (2.36MB)

An immature bald eagle:

A black bear:

We did not see any other bears and left at 8:30PM.  We heard the grizzly bears came out about 8:45PM.

Stewart, BC and Salmon Glacier during the day on August 22

Fish Creek Evening of August 22

August 23rd we hung around locally since the weather was not that good.  In the afternoon we drove back out to Bear Glacier to take more pictures and while we were taking pictures Lorna, Ned, Barb and Frank stopped on their way to Stewart.  We all had a laugh about meeting this way and we told them their two spaces were reserved at the campground.  A technical glitch caused our pictures of Bear Glacier to not turn out.

We all went to Fish Creek the evening of August 23

We woke up to a dead mouse that Evita had killed on August 24th.  Digging into a cabinet we scared up another and Evita made a valiant attempt to kill it but it ran under the bed.  We went to the store and bought mouse traps, baited them and in the next couple days killed two more.  After that the traps stayed set and Evita was not sniffing around looking for more mice, hopefully that incident is over.  This was the first time we had mice in the motorhome, normally they smell a cat and leave.

This was our last day in town so we decided to explore Hyder.  Here is the owner of Hungry Bear Fudge's cat, who is also leashed trained and looks something like Evita:

This is what you see as you leave Hyder and Alaska, Canadian Customs is on the right:

What you see leaving British Columbia.  Hungry Bear Fudge is on the left and our car is visible further up on the right.

We loved her sign and should have taken the woman's picture:

We did leave some money in Hyder, both for the wonderful fudge and for some gift items.  Then we took a quick drive out to see what was happening at Fish Creek in the afternoon.  Not much, but we did see this Great Blue Heron:

The others had worn themselves out driving out past Salmon Glacier, which they say was very scenic.  They invited us to come for ice cream after we checked out the bears again.

We went alone to Fish Creek the evening of August 24, for the best bear viewing yet..

We did make it back for ice cream and it was good and so was the company.  The others learned they should have come to Fish Creek, now they will just have to see our pictures.

The best restaurant in the area was supposed to be the Bitter Creak Inn in Stewart, but it only served dinner.  We found the King Edward Hotel in Stewart did a nice job of breakfast anytime and had good fish-n-chips.

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