August 24, 2006 - Last evening at Fish Creek

We did not even get to Fish Creek before encountering our first bear, a large male grizzly:

Eventually he stopped and we drove by slowly, ready to close the window and zoom off if he did anything:

This shot is thru the driver's window and it was only then we realized we were being watched:

It was also lively at Fish Creek.  Here was our first male grizzly:

Momma and the cubs came out nervously once the male was down the creek.  Male grizzlies kill and eat cubs:

They did not feel safe:

Eventually there were three males up the creek, you can barely see a second in this picture.  The third was just out of view:

You can see Momma and the cubs were keeping a close watch on the males, there was no playing today like on the 22nd:

It was a true experience to watch the bears here, especially today.

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