August 22, 2006 - Fish Creek in the evening

We were back at Fish Creek August 22nd in the evening to hear a talk on the bears.  Here is a bird's nest close to the boardwalk:

Just as the bear talk started about 7PM the bears arrived and we all watched.  This is a Momma grizzly and her three 8 month old cubs, seen often here:

Quicktime movie of Momma grizzly walking (1.07MB)

The cubs liked to play as much as they liked to eat salmon.

Quicktime movie of cubs playing (2.84MB)

After a while the Momma and cubs moved on.

Quicktime movie of Momma and cubs going away (1.86MB)

Soon after a large black bear came through and had a snack before moving on:

Notice the black bear has no hump at the shoulders and a longer nose than a grizzly.  The other two differences are grizzlies are larger and have much longer claws.

Quicktime Movie of Black Bear (1.06MB)

It was a good evening at Fish Creek.

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