August 22, 2006 - Stewart, BC and Salmon Glacier

For our first full day in the area we drove into downtown Stewart.  Here is a mural in town:

Stewart also has hanging glaciers that can be seen from downtown:

A view across the estuary:

Another glacier view:

Bill's Tires:

We decided the weather was good, we would drive up to Salmon Glacier.  The Glacier is 16 miles past Fish Creek.  On the way we saw a black bear cross the road.

Here is a mine along the way:

Salmon Glacier is a drive over glacier, the road goes above it so it feels like you are looking out of an airplane:

A glacial pond, the color is from silt:

At the top glacier viewpoint looking west at Salmon Glacier:

Looking north:

Another view:

A telephoto shot of the top of the glacier coming off the icefield:

Close up shots of the glacier surface, those crevasses are deep:

The light was right to see the glacier blue color:

Close up of the north end of the glacier:

More views:

The toe of the glacier:

It was a great day to see the glacier.

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