December 20 through 31, 2006 - Hesperia, CA for the holidays

It was 206 miles from Las Vegas to Hesperia, mostly freeway, but there was one bad construction zone that took us at least an hour to go 5 miles through.  Here we are camped at Misty's house again.  This time we could park on the gravel, not like in March when we needed to park on the concrete.

Diane's parents were parked behind the fence and we got a lot of visiting in.  Kimberly and Dennis arrived the 23rd.  The girls were with their father until Christmas Eve, everyone was happy when they came home.

Christmas Day pictures

The new pool doesn't look like much in winter.  We saw this being put in last April.

Bill decided to get all four of the cats and the dog in pictures. 

Lovebug outside in the evening light:

Lovebug asleep inside:



A couple shots of Nolla:

Simba waiting for Gregg to come out of the motorhome:

Both Bill and Diane both came down with colds during the visit, but we still had a good visit.

We spent a lot of time going to the stores for the after Christmas sales, but did not buy much.

The girls finished the time we were visiting at their father's and were coming home just after we were leaving.  It was a very different household without their energy.

Dennis, Kimberly and we went to the local Indian restaurant, Ashoka Palace, for the lunch buffet and really enjoyed it.  We also went to De Garcia's Mexican restaurant multiple times in groups, it was easy to talk people into going there.

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