Harlingen Campground Lake life

Our second campsite in Sunshine RV Resort in Harlingen, TX has a small lake with wildlife.

Turtles, egrets, roseate spoonbills, ducks, and cormorants.  The small pink splash in the second picture is a roseate spoonbill.

More cormorants and a soft shelled turtle.  The birds and turtles are easy to spook so most pictures are from a distance.

A bit clearer picture of some roseate spoonbills, cormorants, and a snowy egret, plus the wildflowers by the lake:

This snowy egret was fishing when another camper came by and spooked it into flying:

There are many flowers in the area:

They have the native Sabal Palm and the fast growing imported Washingtonia Palm that is less cold tolerant, the Sabal is the large one:

Close up you can tell the difference since the Sabal does not have the thorns:

We continued to try to get pictures of the birds we could see with binoculars, but the camera had trouble getting a picture.

See the Great Blue Heron behind the Great Egret?

There were two night herons visible through binoculars, but only the one on the left of the snowy egret shows up in pictures.

We did get some decent duck pictures:

This next web page has larger pictures of the lake and birds our last evening at the campground.

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