February 27-28, 2006 - Rockport and Fulton, TX

February 27th we drove 177 miles to Rockport, TX.  It was a fast trip since the highways were fast.  We were staying at Bay View RV Resort, a Western Horizon campground, which we stayed at in February 2004.  Here is our campsite with the satellite dish behind the trees (they said it was OK and was what was everyone did):

The weather was really nice and the campground is protected from the the winds. 

February 28th we went out and toured the local area, we were having trouble remembering it from two years earlier.  We stopped at Fulton Beach and took lots of pictures, here is a web page with those pictures.

We stopped at the Big Fisherman, a very large seafood restaurant with many specials in Aransas Pass.  Tuesday is the $1.75 all you can eat chicken-fried-steak/chicken livers/chicken gizzards special from 11am to 4pm.  It was mobbed because of the special and the $1 margaritas or Busch beer special.  We took about 20 minutes to get seated and the line was long, it is a very large place.  Bill tried the chicken-fried-steak special and it wasn't bad and he had two of them.  The fried chicken Diane had was also quite good.  Bill was planning on shrimp or fish, but $1.75 was hard to pass up.

Now that we knew our way around the area again we went back to the campground.  Here are some pictures of the campground.

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