October 3, 2007 - Miles 382 to 455 of the Blue Ridge, Part 1

October 3rd the weather was not so nice.  It was cloudy and we could see fog.  We knew our views were not going to be as good this day so we opted to not go all the way to milepost 469, the southern end of the parkway and only went to milepost 455 and head north. 

It was foggy:

We did see fall colors:

Nice display of the leaves at the Waterrock Knob Visitors Center at milepost 451.2:

The fog blocked most views so we had to take the ones we could get:

Interesting colors:

We did make it to the highest elevation on the parkway at milepost 431:

View from the high point:

Why the dead trees?

Fall colors:


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