September 26 to October 3, 2007 - Blue Ridge Parkway

September 26th we drove back into Maryland from Delaware and then into Virginia.  We ended up at the Fredericksburg KOA after 191 miles.  They had wi-fi, which was good since there was no way to use our satellite dish for internet:

We drove the car back into Fredericksburg, had dinner at Fuddruckers and went to Costco to re-supply.   The road leading to this campground was narrow and curvy, we were glad it was not a long distance.

On the 27th we drove toward the start of the Blue Ridge Parkway and camped at a Coast to Coast campground, Stone Creek Resort in Greenville, VA.  It was only 151 miles but the last 12 were on another narrow and curvy road so it was slow going.  We set up camp and decided to use their wi-fi since it was supposed to be stormy.  After setting up we headed to the city of Staunton, about 15 miles away to get some supplies.  We did encounter a thunderstorm on our trip.  When we returned the wi-fi was not working so we set up the satellite dish since we were lucky enough to find a hole in the trees:

Miles 0 to 122 of the Blue Ridge Parkway on September 28, Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3

September 29th we headed out and the road going south was many less miles of narrow and curvy, so it was less stressful than coming into the campground.  It was a shorter day since we only traveled 137 miles to Fort Chiswell RV Park in Max Meadows, VA.  Here is our campsite:

Miles 176 to 276 of the Blue Ridge Parkway on September 30, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

The sunset was wonderful that evening:

This is the sky color looking east:

Back looking west:

October 1st we headed to Asheville, NC.  We stopped at the Welcome Center in North Carolina on I-26, which was brand new.  It was a very nice facility and had an American Chestnut grove:

We turned into the road for our campground and it was a steep, narrow, gravel road up to the campground itself.  We made it and had a nice spot after a drive of 170 miles:

We drove into Asheville itself, got some supplies at Sam's Club and came back.  The campground owner had recommended viewing the sunset so we did that.  Here is a photo from an unoccupied campsite:

Then we moved over to the deck by the office, next to the premium campsites:

The owner has been there for one year and takes a photo of the sunset every evening. 

This is a last photo on the way back to our campsite:

Miles 291 to 382 of the Blue Ridge Parkway on October 2, 2007 Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Miles 382 to 455 of the Blue Ridge Parkway on October 3, 2007 Part 1, Part 2

We did enjoy the Asheville area and will come back someday.

We did not see all of the Blue Ridge Parkway and some of what we saw we did not see well.  We will be back.

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