September 28, 2007 - Miles 0 to 122 of the Blue Ridge, Part 3

The James River at milepost 63.8 and the lowest point on the Parkway at elevation 649 feet:

About the James River:

Nice picnic area by the visitors center:

The pedestrian bridge over the river is below the Parkway bridge:

View of the River from the pedestrian bridge:

We knew that we had over 60 miles of parkway to view by evening and were not going to be able to do it justice.   We headed north and quit stopping at most of the overlooks.  Then we turned a corner and saw this bald eagle hovering and caught this photo:

Maybe we could slow down a bit?  Then we encountered this goat:

We made a few stops, but it was getting late:

We caught this groundhog/woodchuck running away.

We took mileposts 63 to 0 going north too fast, but there were no good places to bail out and head to the campground before dark.  We also needed gas so we went to the end and fueled up in Wayneboro, VA before heading about 20 miles back to the campground.

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