October 4 to 6, 2007 - Savannah, GA

We got up a bit early on October 4th so we could drive a longer distance.  We didn't meet anyone coming up on the campground road, which is good since there is only room for one big rig.  We had scoped out places close by to hook up the car and the first two were taken by vehicles so we ended up in a grocery store parking lot.  After that it was all interstate driving.  We took I-26 east into South Carolina to I-95 and then went south into Georgia.  We did have some hard rain here and there.  After 318 miles we were set up at Whispering Pines RV Park in Rincon, GA, the same place we stayed in November 2003.  This was our base camp for visiting Savannah, GA.

Our neighbors were not fancy bus conversions this time, though we were parked close to where we were in 2003.

October 5th morning was not a pretty scene, we had been invaded by small ants.  There were amazing numbers of them.  We used up all the ant spray we had and ended up going into town to buy more.  Talking to a neighbor everyone was having the same problem and the neighbor had to get rid of them from his car.  One neighbor left early to get away from the ants.  It seemed the wet weather has driven the ants indoors, they are normally happy to be outside. 

The forecast for the day was supposed to be wet, but someone didn't tell Mother Nature since it was partly sunny and didn't rain all day.

We went into Tybee Island in the afternoon.

After Tybee Island we did a bit more spraying for ants.  By the next morning we only had a couple stragglers inside and couldn't find them on the outside or in the bays.

October 6th we decided to visit Savannah, hoping the weather would hold.

Savannah downtown and River Street, Part 1, Part 2

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