October 6, 2007 - River Street and Downtown Savannah, Part 1

We drove into downtown Savannah and parked in one of the city parking garages.  On weekends two of the garages are free, one of which we managed to park in, and the others only charge $1. 

Downtown Savannah:

We went by this monument being built:

It looks about finished:

It looks a bit scary walking down to River Street:

The north end of River Street is not yet as nice as the south end:

Lots of monuments and such on the water:

A map of Historic River Street:

The desserts here sound great:

There is a celebration going this day and they had a "wiener dog race" earlier and many still had their wiener dogs on the street:

Then the rains came.  Here is the wet sidewalk, which is old fashioned with shells in it:

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