September 23 to 25, 2007 - Southern Delaware

September 23rd we left the Washington, DC area and headed to Southern Delaware.  We took the "Bay Bridge" and did see people sailing:

We also got to pay $7.50 as a toll since you pay going east.

After 122 miles we were settled at Leisure Point Resort in Millsboro, DC for $8/night under Coast to Coast:

Boaters love this place since they can boat to the ocean from here:

We were only a few miles from Rehoboth Beach so we went into town to get some things at the outlet mall and for some groceries.   We had stayed in Rehoboth Beach in October 2003 at a nice campground that no longer exists.

September 24 we drove down to Fenwick Island, DE and back up to Rehoboth Beach.  It was busier that in 2003 since it was a few weeks earlier in fall and the weather was nice.

We again enjoyed lunch at Nicola's Pizza.  Their Nic-a-Boli's are still good, which are a variant of a calzone.

Here is the boardwalk at Rehoboth Beach:

There were people on the beach:

Looking south on the boardwalk:

Looking back into town up the main street from the boardwalk:

There was one person swimming:

Grotto Pizza added Gelato and was getting some sales.  There are many Grotto Pizza's in the area and in Rehoboth Beach.

September 25 we again went to Rehoboth Beach and walked the entire boardwalk.  Here is the south end:

Looking north from the south end:

There were many of these signs and only the "Beach Facts" changed on each one:

This roof could be made of solar tiles to produce electricity:

We did see this dove:

Some kites flying in the constant wind:

We liked this house:

The north end of the boardwalk is about the end of the beach:

A telephoto shot of a ship going by.

It was relaxing to spend a couple days by the ocean after Washington, DC area.

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