September 1, 2007 - Stuhr Museum, Part 1

In 2002 we only had a few hours at the Stuhr Museum.  This time we had a day.

The main museum building:

Outside they had a koi feeding station.  The koi know there is food available here:

So do the ducks:

Diane put 25 cents in the machine and got the food:

Video of the koi eating (720x480 WMV format, 2.17MB)

The main museum had an exhibit of the early days of Grand Island including how it was settled by whites.  Very interesting.

They also celebrate the native peoples at the museum.  Here is a teepee:

And a Pawnee earth lodge:

About the layout of the earth lodge:

It was hard to take photos of the inside of the earth lodge:

Outside was a local ground squirrel, which were also in the campground:

Another area on the museum grounds is the Taylor Ranch complex and the Taylor Store:

One of the informational signs in the store:

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