2007 Family Gathering

The view from the yard is always changing:

Shelby, her grandfather and new puppy Lily by the porta potty that is needed to handle so many people for the weekend.  Lily was a big hit at the family gathering.

A momma harbor seal and baby kept showing up for photos:

More views:

The kids having fun at low tide:

A great blue heron:

Kylie was in her element being the center of attention:

Another seals photo:

Lots of group photos:

The boys caught a dogfish, a small shark:

A close up of the dogfish before they let it loose:

A very low tide:

Lily with Curt showing how cute puppies are:


Shelby with her puppy Lily:

The seals again:

OB enjoying things once the main gathering was done:

Kylie is wiped out from all the attention:

Kayakers trying to get close to the seals, which leaped off the raft soon after the photo was taken:

We had a great time in Poulsbo.

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