November 18, 2007 - Birds in the campground

Bill remarked how we didn't see any anhinga at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and "boom" there was a female anhinga by the pond across from our campsite:

She flew across to the other side of the pond.

We decided to walk around the campground in the afternoon and came upon another female anhinga:

Across the pond was this great blue heron:

About then we saw a little blue heron which took off across the pond.  This photo has all three birds:

The anhinga was making sounds and we caught this close up photo:

The anhinga must have decided we were too close so it also flew across the pond and joined the little blue heron in the tree.  Here are all three birds in one photo:

One last photo of the great blue heron:

And the little blue heron and anhinga:

We didn't need to leave the campground to see birds.

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