November 12 to 18, 2007 - Pompano Beach and Mims, FL

We really hated to leave Key West but our time was up and we left on November 12th.  We drove up US1 to Homestead, then took the Florida Turnpike to I-75 and then stayed on the free roads until our destination of Highland Woods RV Park in Pompano Beach, FL.  Taking the turnpike was much easier and less stressful than the free roads through Miami and well worth the $9 in tolls.  We had driven 193 miles and the motorhome mileage crossed 50,000 during the trip. 

The campground couldn't find our reservation but said to pick a spot and not get too cozy and the manager will straighten it out in the morning.  The campground was not very crowded and also not in good shape but we found a larger 50AMP site and settled in.  We had paid in advance for four nights and were regretting it.

Costco was only a few miles away so we stocked up and settled for the night.

In the morning they found our reservation, the problem was a messed up name in their computer.  They didn't make us move, we could stay where we were.

We did take advantage of being close to Fort Lauderdale and re-visited two restaurants we liked, Bravo and Chuck's Steak House.  They were both still good.  We also enjoyed driving along Highway A1A by the ocean, even though we could not see the ocean in most places.

We did see a couple nice sunsets.  Here is one of them:

November 16th we were ready to move on.  If we hadn't prepaid in August we would have stayed one night and moved further north.  Some friends were about 100 miles north and it would have been fun to visit, but it was not to be.  But our destination on November 16th was Mims, close to Cape Canaveral and Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. 

After 188 miles we were set up for three nights at Seasons in the Sun RV Resort and it was a good choice.  A much better choice than Highland Woods was.

We have a view of this pond out the windshield and did see a Great Blue Heron around it in the morning:

November 17th we visited the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, Part 1, Part 2.

November 18th we did not go anywhere but we did photograph birds in the campground.

We were ready for our two weeks in Jacksonville. 

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