November 19 to December 2, 2007 - Jacksonville, FL

November 19th we drove from Mims to Hanna Park in Jacksonville and the same campsite, #158, we stayed in during November 2005.  The trip was 139 miles.  We were in town for two weeks, mostly to visit with our good friends Ken and Carolle, including for Thanksgiving.

Though the satellite dish is shown in those campsite photos, we were not able to make it work due to the trees and eventually put it away.  Two years of tree growth had defeated us so we hauled the notebook computers to our friends' house every day to get our internet fix.

Our view down the road to the lake:

The campground filled up for Thanksgiving and some of the RVs were interesting.  This is a homemade fifth wheel trailer.

Our next door neighbor asked if we had the "Christmas" issue of the Escapees magazine yet?  Turns out their motorhome is on the cover:

Here is the cover:

Yes, it is the same motorhome.

We visited the beach at Hanna Park on November 23rd.

Photos around Carolle and Ken's House.

House construction on November 26th

One day the four of us went up to Fernandina Beach.  A couple photos from the downtown area:

On our last full day, December 2nd, the weather was great so we went out to the ocean again.  The tide was in.

A plane coming by:

What an interesting looking plane, at that.

The view looking south:

Birds in Hanna Park during our stay

While we were in Jacksonville we got together with Charles and Ethel for lunch, it was good to meet them.

We ate in most days, some meals at our place and some at Ken and Carolle's.   We did have a few meals out, but did not add any restaurants to our list.

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