November 17, 2007 - Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, Part 2

Another reddish egret:

White ibis:

Two wood storks and one of two roseate spoonbills:

Views of the two roseate spoonbills:

A closer view of the wood storks:

Not the best photo of a great egret, but the stance is what is important:

Another tri-colored heron:

A feral pig, which they are trying to get rid of.  The alligators get some of them but they can breed three to four times a year in this area so it is a constant battle.

One of the three alligators we saw and the easiest to see in a photo:

Freshwater fish by the visitors center:

A close up of one fish:

A large spider by the visitors center.  Yes it really was that big.

Our last stop was the manatee viewing area.  There was one manatee way out that was about impossible to photograph.

Brown pelicans by the manatee viewing area:

We saw more birds than we took photos of and we did see a bald eagle nest through a spotting scope a volunteer had set up.

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