November 17, 2007 - Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, Part 1

We had been to the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge in December 2005.  This time we were a bit earlier in the year and the weather was nicer.  We took a lot more photos.

Here is a little blue heron:

A tri-colored heron:

Lots of birds in the distance including ibis, herons and egrets:

This was the only cormorant we saw:

A glossy ibis:

Another tri-colored heron who had just asserted superiority over a little blue heron:

A great egret and some snowy egrets.  Notice the great egret has a yellow bill and the snowy egrets have black bills:

Then we saw a reddish egret, a bird we have not seen much of and had no good photos of until now:

Some kind of sandpiper:

A great blue heron (GBH) with breeding plumage:

Another GBH, who is asserting superiority over a great egret that is hidden from view:

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