December 26, 2007 - Holiday House at Edison & Ford Winter Estates

Dave and Barb came over in the afternoon and we enjoyed catching up and Evita kept them entertained.  We went for an early dinner a Chili's since it was running a nice baby back ribs special for $10.95 which both Dave and Bill had.  Then we headed for the Edison & Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers for "Holiday House" where they had the place decorated, with entertainment and with self guided access to the museum, houses, laboratory and grounds.  The entry fee of $15 each goes to pay for bringing school children in for free during the year.

Both Dave and Bill brought their cameras and tripods to take night shots.

First thing we did was watch and listen to a woman sing Christmas and traditional Christian songs:

We were doing this under the huge banyan tree, which even grows around other trees on the grounds:

Concert over, we started exploring.  Dave and Barb have been here before so they knew their way around.

In the laboratory there are photos and displays:

Plus you can see the work area:

After the lab and museum we went across the street to see the lights and houses.

Outside lights along McGregor Boulevard, which splits the estate:

One of many lighted and decorated trees:

Another view of the lights on McGregor Blvd:

Using flash to get the nativity scene:

Long exposure to capture the tree lights above the nativity scene:

Some of the trees in the estate are all lit up:

The Moonlight Garden:

We took portrait shots in the Moonlight Garden.  Dave's came out better since his flash is much better, you can see his photo on this page of their blog..

We loved the sentiment:

It was a very enjoyable day spent with friends.  We must come back to the Edison & Ford Winter Estates during the day while we are visiting.

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