December 17 to 31, 2007 - Fort Myers Beach, Florida

December 17th we left TT Orlando and headed to our winter destination of Fort Myers Beach, Florida.  On the way we topped off our diesel tank and do not expect to buy more diesel until March of 2008.  After an easy drive of 201 miles we were camped at Gulf Waters RV Resort in Fort Myers Beach, Florida.  We ended up with a "lake" campsite with a view out the windshield of a pond (the "lake") where birds hang out.  This will be "home" until March 1st.

Our "lake" view (facing East):

Diane put up our Christmas tree for the holidays and we were set.

In our two other stays in the area we had scoped out places to stay long term because we knew we did not want to stay at either prior campground for a long time.  Gulf Waters gave us a larger campsite and we figured we would enjoy staying for 2-1/2 months.  Gulf Waters' West fence is the East fence for Sunburst Fort Myers Beach, where we stayed in January 2004.  We were very familiar with area from the January 2004 stay and our two week stay in December 2005.

One of the highlights about visiting the area is that our good friends Dave and Barb were again workcamping at Lover's Key State Park, which is close by.  We had not seen them since we got together for dinner in Bonita Sprngs in January 2006.  Coordinating with them, they had the afternoon and evening of the 26th, Boxing Day, free, so we planned to get together.

We went to the Christmas Eve potluck at the campground and had a good time getting to know some people.  The campground supplied ham and turkey and the rest of us brought dishes.  There was more than enough to eat and 120 people came.

Boxing Day with Dave and Barb at Holiday House

Wildlife we can see around the campground

December 31st we did not have any rain, but we did have a rainbow to the north:

Our first 15 days flew by here and now the new year is upon us.  Bill got a new computer and moved over to it.  We went back to two restaurants we knew from the past, Sunflower Cafe, which was as good as we remembered it and Iguana Mia which was a 3-star place this time and was 4-star before.  We also found the chain, First Watch, using our GPS and liked them enough to add to our restaurant list. 

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