March 24 to 30, 2007 - Birds in Hesperia, CA

Misty has some hummingbird feeders out and they are popular.  Above this one the finches are trying to build a nest so every once in a while they guard the feeder.  The window hasn't had its spring cleaning but we had to share this photo of a finch guarding the feeder from a hummingbird in flight:

The hummingbird when the finch is not guarding does get to eat:

The second feeder, a strawberry, is also visible from the kitchen which you can see behind Misty:

There were at least three different hummingbirds coming to the feeders.

Close-ups of hummingbirds at the strawberry feeder:


Another hummingbird at the feeder out the west window:

Nolla watching the feeder out the west window:

Another photo:

A good photo of a finch on the swing set:

More hummingbird photos:

One of the hummingbirds had a red spot on its chest but we could not get a photo of it.

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