March 23 to April 1, 2007 - Hesperia, CA

March 23rd we drove 93 miles to Misty's house in Hesperia, CA.  This time we got to park in the full hookup spot by the house, last time we were out front.

The backyard looks very different with all the new rock:

Compare the backyard to December 2006.

The cats posed more for us this time.  Here is Bonnie:

Lovebug getting some rest:

Simba, who sometimes thinks he is a cat:


We came in on a Friday so we could see a lot of the family during the weekend.  Family fun, Taylor in front of her Mom, and Sabrina on the other couch:

The wind came up one day and blew dust which obscured the view:

Diane worked on plastic canvas projects with the girls and with help from the cats, especially Socks and Nolla.  Here is Socks helping Diane and Lovebug under the coffee table:

The girls hamming up for pictures as they put glue on their hands and let it dry:


Socks was fascinated by the yarn:


Bus trip to Hollywood to see "Meet the Robinsons" in 3D

Taylor needed to clean the mice cage so she moved them to a smaller place and Simba kept guard:

Cookie and Oreo.  Taylor bought these mice with her own money in January.

Oreo and Cookie:

April 1 the weather was hot, 86 degrees, so the pool cover came off and was cleaned while the girls tried to swim.  The water was still cold so they didn't swim long.  Bill was washing the dust off the motorhome so he didn't get a picture with the pool cover off:

Evita did try to step out on the pool cover but was quick enough to pull back and not get wet.  Diane wishes we had a video camera to catch that moment.

Diane finished a tote for Sabrina at the end of our stay.  Sabrina is of the age where she has to make faces for pictures:

(Her last name is obscured for her safety through some photo manipulation).

The back of the tote along with the coaster project Diane and the girls worked on.  Two coasters made by Diane, two by Sabrina and when we left Taylor was almost done with one.

More photos of the tote.

Bird photos from our stay, mostly hummingbirds.

We had a great visit with Misty, Sabrina and Taylor.   Hopefully we will see them this summer if they come up to Washington State.

We added Lilly's Place to our restaurants list and revisited De Garcia's along with the chains Johnny Carinos, Mimi's Cafe and Panda Express.   A few days after we left Misty and the girls went to De Garcia's and it was all boarded up.  The girls were going to wear black to school the next day in mourning and we are unhappy because we always enjoyed the restaurant.

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