March 18 to 22, 2007 - Coachella Valley, CA

March 18th was another hot day and we headed out of Apache Junction and headed west.  Our original plan was to stop in Quartzsite for the night, but it was too early to stop so we decided to go further west.  Here are some pictures of Quartzsite as we approach it from the east on I-10:

Not as many RVs as in January, but many are still visible:

After fueling up in Ehrenberg, AZ we headed all the way to the Spotlight 29 Casino in Indio which has a large RV parking area.  We had driven 282 miles.  Here is our camping spot and the fancy bus conversion next to us:

Our view of the casino:

It was a noisy spot right by I-10 with many trucks running their engines or refrigeration units just behind us. 

It was windy and hot so we opted to go out to dinner.  Somehow we ended up at the Augustine Casino for dinner and realized we should have parked at that casino for the night.  Dinner was really good.  It was warm and noisy sleeping at this casino, we are not likely to come back.

In the morning, the 19th, we drove 30 miles to Desert Pools in Desert Hot Springs and got the last 50AMP campsite.   Here is our campsite:

We saw multiple roadrunners while coming in and setting up but did not get any photos.   The rest of our stay Bill saw one fleeting glimpse of a roadrunner, so we never did get any photos.  Here is Diane in the road just south of our campsite:

This camper must be a single since he has a very quiet passenger:

One day we were leaving Mimi's Cafe and saw our friends Bob and Nancy and had a talk with them.  We had met them and had a potluck meal with them at the Gypsy Journal rally in Casa Grande in February.  We asked where they were staying and they told us they just came into Desert Pools, the same place we were.  Comparing notes, they were just across the street from us.  Here is their motorhome:

If you look a the Gypsy Journal photos you will see they were just across the street from us at the rally.

The campground did have a nice view of the hills:

One day it was a bit stormy but the trees protected us from the wind.

We had a relaxed time in Desert Hot Springs and added Don Diego's in Indian Wells to our restaurant page along with enjoying Islands and the Pak Inn Buffet again.  We also visited with Bob and Nancy some more.

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