February 16 to March 17, 2007 - Apache Junction, AZ

February 16th we drove 57 miles to Carefree Manor RV Resort in Apache Junction, AZ for a month's stay.  One month is longer than we have ever stayed anywhere with our RV.  We last stayed here in November 2006.  This time we were in the SW corner, here is our campsite:

See those bikes on the back of the motorhome?  Well they were missing the morning of the 20th, our bikes were stolen again!!!!  It was stormy and wet that night so the weather must have masked the sounds of them cutting three cable locks and taking the bikes away.  Our previous set of bikes were stolen in March 2005 in Imperial Beach, CA.  We decided we were not replacing the bikes again. 

March 1st we drove about 70 miles to visit friends at Happy Trails in Surprise, AZ.  We had last seen Dave and Connie in Washington in September 2006.  This is their lot in Happy Trails complete with their own golf cart:

A couple views of Happy Trails:

We also visited with Ned and Lorna for a bit, they were about a mile away and still inside Happy Trails.  We had last seen them in Stewart, BC in August 2006.

Unfortunately we then came down with colds and were running a bit slow for a couple weeks.

Here is the sunset from our campsite on March 10:

March 11th we visited with Linda and Denny, with whom we had emailed back and forth and now finally met.  Here is their cat, Patches:

Linda and Denny have a website with a link to their blog - http://www.rvvagabonds.net/ .

A rabbit running around Carefree Manor:

March 14th journey on the Apache Trail Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

This Prickly Pear Cactus at Carefree Manor was getting ready to bloom, but didn't bloom while we were staying.  This picture is from March 15th:

The sunset was nice on March 15th:

March 17th a prairie dog ran by and we caught this picture.  First time we had seen a prairie dog in this area:

What did we do for a month?  We enjoyed having a wide variety of stores and restaurants around.  Check out the Arizona section of our restaurants web page for ones we liked. 

We had two different warranty trips to get things fixed on our motorhome at our selling dealer of World Wide RV in Mesa.  The first trip they fixed some lights and diagnosed the dash heat.  The second trip they fixed the dash heat.  Then a day/night shade broke and we thought we were going to have a third 20 mile roundtrip to fix it.  But the shade was on backorder so they will ship the new one to us once it comes in. Our warranty runs out in May, we will miss it but are happy we had a three year warranty instead of the more common one year warranty.

The weather started cool and a bit wet and then got progressively warmer.  Record highs the last week of our stay, up to 99 degrees.

Our last full day Judy and Luke moved to Carefree Manor and we all visited and went out to dinner.  We had last seen them in Quartzsite with the Boomers and before that in Indio

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