January 17 to 26, 2007 - Quartzsite, AZ

January 17th we drove 128 miles from Indio to the Roadrunner BLM area in Quartzsite, AZ to the Newmar Kountry Club (NKK) Quartzsite Special Event 2007 rally.  We stopped on the way and topped off our diesel and propane since we would be dry camping in the desert.  They parked us in a spot where we had to put the rear wheels on blocks to get level:

Events during the NKK Rally

January 21st we moved 12 miles to the back of the Scaddan Wash BLM area to be with the Escapees Boomers BOF, "Boomerville".  We parked almost the same place we were in January 2005.

Pictures around Boomerville

Pictures of Boomers and Activities Part 1    Part 2

On the 23rd we drove into town and RV Lifestyles to get an 18,000 BTU ceramic propane heater installed.  We also dumped our waste tanks and filled our water tank.  Here is the heater installed:

It is on a 5' hose so we can point it where we want and disconnect it when the weather gets warm.  Here is the new propane connection for it:

We have a digital readout carbon monoxide (CO) detector since this is an un-vented heater and expels CO into the motorhome and we want to be safe.  This heater uses no electricity and is much more efficient than our forced air propane furnace.  It cut our battery usage a lot and will also use less propane to heat the motorhome.  The main issue is how large it is to store and deal with while traveling.  Between using a small inverter for the CPAP and the new heater, we cut our generator run-time about 1 hour a day.  We also woke up in the morning with enough battery power left to run the toaster and microwave for breakfast if needed without starting the generator.

A highlight of Boomerville is the "Geraldine Contest" where men dress up as women.  We missed this in 2005, but this time we attended.

Geraldine Contest Part 1    Part 2

Pictures in the town of Quartzsite

Roger went up in a powered parachute multiple days and took pictures.  Roger's Aerial Photos Part 1    Part 2

Quartzsite was fun, especially seeing all of our friends.

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