January 17 to 20, 2007 - Newmar Kountry Klub Quartzsite

It was still cold in the Southwest, but the rally was fun.  Here is "Town Square" where everything happened:

Seminars were around the perimeter.  This one is by Bill Adams on internet satellites:

The Newmar service people were here:

We had a Newmar Allstar toy hauler just across from us, something some friends wanted to see:

A couple guys came in costume and kept us entertained before dinner:

Some of the parking here:

It rained and we had a rainbow:

On Saturday, Dick Parks, Newmar CEO, and the VP of service came to talk to us and answer questions:

Dick Parks, who seemed to be a straight shooter:

They fed us all dinners and one breakfast while at the rally and we had nightly entertainment.  The last night's entertainment is Dave and Daphne, whom we have seen before and enjoyed.  Here they are setting up:

We sat with Jan and Ken, here is Ken talking to Diane:

Dave and Daphne getting started on their set.  They ran until it got too cold to play:

That was the rally.

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