January 8 to 16, 2007 - On to FMCA Rally in Indio, CA

January 8th was supposed to be a windy day but was actually not bad for us as we drove 92 miles to NACO Wilderness Lakes in Menifee, CA.  Because of construction we missed the place and had to look for it, adding about 15 miles to our trip.  Wilderness Lakes is very nice and we had a nice big campsite:

Evita loved Wilderness Lakes because of the birds:

A close up with Black-crowned Night herons and ducks:

Diane had to pick Evita up to get her to go home:

We will have to come back to this campground sometime.

On the 10th we headed to Indio.  On I-215 by Perris, CA are these large figures:

After 97 miles we were at the Date Festival Fairgrounds for the FMCA Western Area Rally, which we also attended in January 2005.  This time we got an electric site (20AMP) with shared water and sewer just a couple spaces down from Diane's parents.  The spaces were very tight:

Our car needed to be parked a bit away:

Our view west, the satellite dish and trash can are in front of Diane's parent's motorhome:

We had a couple cold nights in Indio, with record freezes all over California and Arizona.

Some of the grounds:

The woman with this sign says she is thinking of getting more made:

Food line for people getting a tri-tip sandwich for $8.00.

Food line for Mexican, which Bill liked better than the tri-tip.  The taco salad was large and $8.00.

Outside vendors:

Inside vendors:

January 11th was the Parade

Ice cream social (they had two):

We visited with Diane's parents and others we knew at the rally.

After the rally we stayed put one night and then moved here for two nights to be on the concrete before they started the sprinklers and paid $15/night.  We saw no point in getting to Quartzite early with the cold weather:

Judy and Luke were right behind us:

Diane's parents moved to Indian Waters RV Resort just up the way so we saw much of them during our remaining time in Indio.

Things were much quieter after the rally:

They did put on the sprinklers, so we are glad we moved:

You can just see the sprinklers running out where we were parked during the rally:

The Augustine Casino in Coachella had remodeled their restaurant and we had two very nice meals there.  We also ate at both the Pak Inn and Pak Inn Buffet while in town and both were still quite good.

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