January 25, 2007 - Geraldine Contest 2007, Part 2

More views of the first two contestants and our M/C:

Our third contestant:

Our fourth contestant, "a former concubine to Bin Laden":

Larry was our fifth contestant:

The sixth and last contestant was "Horizontal Hannah" who came well equipped:

A couple more shots:

Getting ready for the group photo:

Group photo:

There was a tie on the winner so they had to have a run off between the one in red and the one in green.

2.63MB Quicktime movie of the last two "Geraldines" facing off - Last Two video

The one in green won.

Then we had the newbies Boomer skit:

We have a 12MB video of part of the skit, but it was too long to post.

We were glad to be with such a fun-loving group.

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