March 31, 2007 - Trip to see "Meet the Robinsons"

March 31 we took a trip with the drama club from the school to see the new Disney movie, "Meet the Robinsons".  It was a two hour bus ride to Hollywood.  Here is Terri talking to Misty on the way to Hollywood:

This is the inside of the El Capitan theater on Hollywood Boulevard:

Detail of the ceiling:

The organist played Disney tunes before the movie:

The movie was quite good and many of us laughed when we found the author of the original story and executive producer for the movie was "William Joyce".

In the basement they had props used to aid the animation and to help with advertising:

The Chinese Theater was across the street and the "Stars on Hollywood Boulevard" were on both sides of the street:

It was crowded and we couldn't enjoy the experience much while herding elementary students around.  It also felt just a bit dangerous, especially with elementary students.

A bad photo of the "Hollywood" sign from the bus ride back.  This was the second time Bill had been in Hollywood and the first time the smog was so thick the sign was invisible so this is the first he had seen the sign.

It was a 2-1/2 hour trip back due to traffic.  There was a fire east of Hesperia and this is the view of the smoke from Misty's:

The next morning we couldn't see smoke, but we could smell it.

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