June 19, 2007 - Flightseeing, Part 2

Ocean Park from the east:

Oyster farms at Oysterville:

Close up of the oyster beds:

More views from the east:

Cranberry bogs:

Long Beach, WA:

The Lightship on the left and a new place being built on the right:

Looking at Cape Disappointment and the Washington Jetty:

NACO Long Beach again:

Left is the back of Eagle's Nest, right is NACO Long Beach:

The front of Eagle's Nest, where we are parked:

A close up of where we are parked, you can see the satellite dish on the ground and the solar panels on the roof:

Another view of NACO Long Beach:

The Washington jetty:

North Head Lighthouse:

Detail by the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse:

We turned up the Columbia River:

Chinook, WA:

A close up showing M&D Designs, the blue building with Gregg and Rosalie's car parked in back.  (We took our CRV to the airport):

Another view of the town of Chinook:

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