June 19, 2007 - Flightseeing, Part 1

Diane, Bill and Smokey (Vickie's father) all went for a flight with Gregg in his Cessna.  Gregg's Cessna is the second from the right:

Some of the other planes at Astoria Airport:

Gregg's Cessna 172.  We hadn't been flying with him since a flight to Friday Harbor, WA on June 16, 2004.

Next to him was this kit plane:

Up in the air we went.  These photos are through the windows so there are reflections and bug spatters on some of them.  The Canon A710 IS has very nice image stabilization, which helped make many of the photos clear. 

Lumber waiting for ships:

The mouth of the Columbia River from the Oregon side:

The Oregon jetty with the crane maintaining the rocks:

The end of the jetty is popular with sea lions:

A large photo to show the sea lions:

We headed north, here is the Cape Disappointment lighthouse in Cape Disappointment State Park in Washington.

The North Head Lighthouse, where Diane's parents have volunteered in the past and will be volunteering later in the summer:

The campground at the state park:

Looking at Ilwaco over the hill:

The beach heading north.  It runs 27 miles which is why it is called "Long Beach":

NACO Long Beach, the campground we will move to on the 26th and where we stayed in June 2005.  The RVs up the hill are in the back of Eagle's Nest, where we are staying now.

Horses on the beach:

Another view of the beach:

Video of beach while flying, .WMV 640x480 (1.05MB)

The beach here is growing, the houses and buildings used to be closer to the water:

Downtown Ocean Park:

More of Ocean Park and points north:

This last "house" before Ledbetter Point State Park, which Diane's father, Gregg, calls a "starter castle":

This is our turnaround point so you get to see the place from the other side:

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